Yard drains are a very important investments for your property and they need to be maintained. FLUSH out yard drains with plenty of water! The typical yard drain is made of plastic pipe and is installed before the hard scape and landscape. This type of pipe is usually slipped together (not glued) to create the drain line. The drain line needs to have a slope from back to front yard without having any low points which can create ”bellies” in the line which catch debris. The plastic drain pipe is usually slipped together (not glued) which allows for mud, sand, rocks, and even roots to grow in the line. In the Santa Clarita Valley, especially in Castaic, Westridge, Stevenson Ranch, Agua Dulce, and Acton, the soil is very sandy.  This type of soil runoff goes into the yard drains that is detrimental, and causes sludge like blockages. To prevent problems with your yard drains create a maintenance schedule. FLUSH out your yard drains three or four times a year. It is amazing how much junk gets into them!  FLUSH the drains with plenty of water! This will help move the debris from the lines and keep rain water off your property. Yard drains when maintained, help keep your landscape and home free from flooding. Yard drains are important to maintain, and if not, the homeowner  may end up with costly repairs. 

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