Well, the  summer heat is here! Triple digit temperatures are breaking high temperature records for this time of year! It is hot, hot hot. With the extreme hot conditions in the Santa Clarita Valley and the surrounding areas of Castaic, Acton, Agua Dulce, Stevenson Ranch and Westridge, comes some  things that affect the SCV homeowner. With the heat, the homeowner might start to smell a stinky odor coming from their house drain’s lines. The smell is most likely caused form a dry trap in the shower, tub, laundry drain, or any drain line that has a trap in it. As the homeowner, all you need to do is run water down the drains to put water back into the trap. This will alleviate the gassy stinky smell. For your landscape, let your grass grow longer in the heat. Don’t cut it short. If you cut it short, it requires more water, and it will still have burnt spots. The longer grass holds moisture (uses less water)  and protects the grass from burning down at the roots. If your yard or pool drains begin to smell, run some water down the drains. Because it is a hot summer, and water is in high demand, a homeowner should try to redistribute their water consumption by cutting down the time they take for showers. They should try  and do only full loads of laundry, and turn on the dishwasher only when it its full of dishes. For any of your plumbing questions or needs during this hot summer heat, call John Murray Plumbing: 661-251-JOHN

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