With the passage of this law in 1990 the plumbing industry had to make changes with plumbing fixtures and deal with other plumbing issues, to meet the new standards that were set for people with physical needs. The same plumbing fixtures used and made for years had to meet the ADA requirements set forth by the new law. The law was made to help make, using the facilities, more accessible for people with special needs. Public restrooms showers and toilets had to have specific items  like: grab bars, wider bathroom doors with wider bathroom stalls. They had to have ADA compliant toilets, and water fountains that were wheelchair accessible with ramps. ADA toilets are 17.5” in height compared to the standard size toilet which is 14.5” tall.  People now have the same opportunities to use these products in their house. If you have a need for ADA toilets, showers, grab bars , or any other safety plumbing products please call: John Murray Plumbing: 661-251-JOHN!!

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