This is the time of year to wake up your irrigation systems. Due to the severe drought conditions throughout the State of California, we all need to conserve water. The spring time is a great time to check for water leaks on your irrigation system. Check all manifolds, and valves.  Look for leaks on valves, and underground pipes that lead to sprinkler heads.  Every drop of water counts! Cut down on the amount of time the sprinklers are on. Water every other day. Check for over-watering! See if there is water draining down the sidewalks, or puddles that build up on low points in your yard. If there is, this is a good indicator of over-watering! Hand water with a hose, brown spots on the lawn instead of turning on the entire sprinkler system.  Remember not to hose down patios or side yards to clean….use a broom or blower to do the job. Check to see if any hosebibs, or outside faucets leak….if so replace them. Every drop of water counts! Remember by doing a few simple steps it will save water, and save you money on your monthly water bill. Please help save water during the severe drought conditions in our state…..Thank you.

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