Common household plumbing problem are a backed up kitchen drains, or plugged toilets. The homeowners first response should NOT be to call the plumber. The homeowner should try and clear the blockage or stoppage themselves. We suggest having a hand snake and plunger at your disposal. Never use any liquid drain cleaners! Most drain cleaners that are on the store shelves today are not what they used to be. Due to the EPA, there are many rules and regulations imposed on such products in order to protect our environment. Because of  these regulations, liquid drain cleaners are not very effective. These drain cleaners claim they can unclog most drain problems. We feel you are pouring your hard earned money down the drain. The hand snake can be used to clear shower drains, the stand pipe for the laundry drain, and most other simple drain line problems in your home. A good plunger can help with toilets and other stopped up drains. Instead of wasting your money on the liquid drain cleaners, invest in a good hand snake and a good plunger. You may save yourself some money by not calling out the plumber when it is something you can fix with the proper tools!

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