The Rains Are Here!   We are currently in a raining and wet  winter season. The amount of rainfall we have seen has exceeded our expectations for 2017 ! Last year we were suppose to have a great El Nino weather pattern, but it did not materialize. This year is suppose to be an El Nina weather pattern, with less rain supposedly. That has not been the case. We have had a great amount of rainfall in Santa Clarita. We have had flooding in the burn areas of Sand Canyon and in other areas in our valley. The water runoff has caused great damage to property. But never the less, we can still see lawn sprinklers and hillside sprinklers on when it is raining outside! Please check your timer box to make sure it is on off.  This will help conserve water, and prevent possible damage due to excessive water runoff. Please also check your yard drains and pool drains. Clear them before the rain begins to fall. This preventive maintenance will keep your property safe from possible water damage from the rains.