As a homeowner, an important piece of information to know is the regulated and unregulated water system. The unregulated system is the water from the street to the regulator which feeds any fixtures before the regulator, including hose bibs and irrigation. The regulated pressure is the water that is exiting the regulator and entering your house, this pressure is controlled by the regulator. The water pressure entering your house should be between 50 and 70 PSI depending on the house.   Water pressure higher than 70 PSI can damage faucets, toilets, shower fixtures, water lines, and valves to appliances.  Over time regulators wear and allow higher pressure to enter the house.  Regulators do not have a set lifetime because the unregulated water pressure varies for each house. The higher the unregulated water pressure the shorted the  life span of the regulator. This is why John Murray Plumbing recommends purchasing a pressure gauge from your local hardware store. You should periodically check the water pressure entering your house.  If the water pressure is too high, replace the regulator to protect the appliances, water valves, and the plumbing to your house.

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