In your home there are certain things that need your attention periodically throughout the year. In the City of Santa Clarita, it is now mandatory to have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home to help your family during an emergency situation.  These units are either wired directly into the houses’ electrical system or run on batteries. If they are the battery type detectors the batteries need to be changed out. Most people need to be reminded of this. The best way to make sure the detectors will work is to change the batteries every year. In the spring when we change our clocks due to Day Light Savings time, schedule to do some other things as well. Change the batteries in all of the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Clean out the aerators in all of the faucets in your home to help prevent slow running faucets, and don’t forget the screens on the laundry hoses! Clean out the shower heads in all bathrooms. Check your toilets to make sure they are flushing properly and not leaking. Remind everyone the toilet is not a trash can! Toilets will not flush everything down the line, things plug up in the sewer lines. Main line sewers do not like trash!  Do not flush, wipes, paper towels, or diapers of any kind. Do not pour grease, paint, or any other kind of liquid down a toilet unless the product is approved for toilet use. In spring, flush or snake your yard drains. Spring is when things begin to grow and mud builds up in the drains from the winter rains. Snake or flush the yard drains to clear them. (Do this again in the fall). Doing these little things, once or twice a year, may help your family in an emergency. It could also save you money on possible plumbing repairs.

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