What are we referring to by exercising your plumbing? What this means is make your plumbing work on a regular basis. If you are a homeowner and have bathrooms that are not used that often, or hose bibs that are never turned on, use them! Make them work; like humans, they need a work out to stay fit!  Turn on the hose bibs, flush the toilets in the spare bedrooms or hallways, and turn an off any fixtures in your house, garage, or outside. If you don’t exercise things, plumbing  valves can stick or freeze up, rubber gaskets can become hard from lack of moisture. Drains must have water run down them to keep p-traps from drying up and releasing the “sewer gas smell”.  So to keep things in good working order, put your plumbing to work and turn all of your plumbing fixtures on and off, at least once a week!

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