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Please Turn Your Sprinkler Off!

The Rains Are Here!   We are currently in a raining and wet  winter season. The amount of rainfall we have seen has exceeded our expectations for 2017 ! Last year we were suppose to have a great El Nino weather pattern, but it did not materialize. This year is suppose... read more

Please Continue With Water Conservation!

We still need to conserve water! El Nino was a bust in Southern California. Northern California did get much rainfall this past winter which help filled the lakes and reservoirs. We do get most of our water from the Sierra snowpack, and Northern California.      SCV... read more


We are looking for a plumber to help us serve the growing Santa Clarita Valley. We offer medical, retirement, and paid personal days. Give our office a call or stop by to fill out an app read more

Save Water Going Down The Drain!

As we all know,  California is in a severe drought! We are all trying to save water anywhere we can. One way is to have a water recirculating system for your house. Insta-Hot Water Recirculating System brings convenience and savings to your home, giving you hot water... read more

Cold Weather & Frozen Irrigation Pipes!!!!

With winter in full force the cold weather is upon us! This is a reminder to wrap exposed water pipes with thermacel wrap to help insulate them. This will help prevent the pipes from freezing and then causing a burst or break in the water line. If possible turn off... read more

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

With the passage of this law in 1990 the plumbing industry had to make changes with plumbing fixtures and deal with other plumbing issues, to meet the new standards that were set for people with physical needs. The same plumbing fixtures used and made for years had to... read more

Helpful Household Maintenance Ideas

In your home there are certain things that need your attention periodically throughout the year. In the City of Santa Clarita, it is now mandatory to have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home to help your family during an emergency... read more

Excercise your Plumbing?

What are we referring to by exercising your plumbing? What this means is make your plumbing work on a regular basis. If you are a homeowner and have bathrooms that are not used that often, or hose bibs that are never turned on, use them! Make them work; like humans,... read more

Importance of House Regulators

As a homeowner, an important piece of information to know is the regulated and unregulated water system. The unregulated system is the water from the street to the regulator which feeds any fixtures before the regulator, including hose bibs and irrigation. The... read more

The Heat is On!

Well, the  summer heat is here! Triple digit temperatures are breaking high temperature records for this time of year! It is hot, hot hot. With the extreme hot conditions in the Santa Clarita Valley and the surrounding areas of Castaic, Acton, Agua Dulce, Stevenson... read more

Cost Saving Tip !

Do you have a leaky kitchen faucet? It drips, drips, and drips, and it is driving you crazy! You finally decide to get it fixed so you call out John Murray Plumbing to do the repairs. As the customer you can save yourself time and money if you plan ahead. Before our... read more

Plugged or Stopped up Drains?

Common household plumbing problem are a backed up kitchen drains, or plugged toilets. The homeowners first response should NOT be to call the plumber. The homeowner should try and clear the blockage or stoppage themselves. We suggest having a hand snake and plunger at... read more

Septic Tanks and Leach Fields

Did you know when it rains the water runoff can cause problems for septic tanks and leach fields. In locations like Castaic, Old Newhall, Acton, and Agua Dulce, people rely more on septic systems than to sewer connection. The water can go into the septic tank through... read more

Yard Drains!

Yard drains are a very important investments for your property and they need to be maintained. FLUSH out yard drains with plenty of water! The typical yard drain is made of plastic pipe and is installed before the hard scape and landscape. This type of pipe is usually... read more

Are Toilets wasting water in your House?

Did you know flushing the toilets in your house consumes more water in your  water usage  per month than any other activity done? Yep, it is true. Toilets have evolved over the years to use less and less water per flush, but toilet flushing still consumes much of the... read more

Plumbing Household Tips

Every homeowner should try and run the faucets in the house at least once a week. Make sure to run water once a week for showers, tubs, dishwashers, washing machines, and outside hose bibs. Flush all of the bathroom toilets! Use this tip and it will help keep the... read more

Water Conservation Tips

With little rainfall and hot and dry summer months, the valley must carefully manage finite water supplies. So throughout the year, Castaic Lake Water Agency is asking all customers to rethink water consumption and to reduce water usage by 10 percent.  Here are some... read more

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